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The Kłodzko Land – for bikers - recreation

Everyone for whom emotions released by extreme biking or MTB marathons are alien, and everyone who uses a bike for recreation only, is recommended to try the easier bicycle routes of the Kłodzko Land. Cycling in the mountains can be pleasant, especially because cyclo-buses have appeared on the roads.

If we want to visit the charming places of the Kłodzko Land by bike, we do not have to worry about the equipment. In most towns in the region, there are bicycle rental facilities. Then, we should visit the nearest town promotion office or tourist information office in which we can get a bicycle route map, and the Kłodzko Land will be wide open for us.

Cyclo-buses - buses with a large trailer for bikes - make cycling trips much easier. They have already been running for 6 years on the Czech side of the Eagle Mountains. In Poland, they have been running since 2008 on the Duszniki-Zieleniec-Lasówka-Mostowice road, between mid-May and late September. The fare is from 4 to 8 zlotys per person, plus additionally 3 zlotys for the transport of the bike. The originator of the idea is the Czech company Orlobus from Nove Mesto nad Metui. Thanks to the cyclo-buses, every cyclist, even a beginner, can easily reach Zieleniec located at 800-960 m above sea level, or the Czech part of the Eagle Mountains.

Here are some proposals of easier routes for Sunday cyclists.
International transit routes run in the valleys between the mountains - of course, we do not recommend them. Cyclists can use the Sudety Highway, with its beautiful views, running from Międzylesie through Zieleniec to Kudowa, and the Bystrzyca - Stara Łomnica - Polanica Zdrój road.
There is an asphalt surface on the following roads: the road in the Dzika Orlica [Wild Eagle] Valley floor, the Dusznicka Road in the Górna Bystrzyca Valley floor (right from the centre of Duszniki, it is worth taking), and a part of Justyna's Road.
Hardened stone and gravel roads are mainly the old communication routes, i.e. Duszniki - Spalona, Duszniki - Bystrzyca, Zieleniec - Polanica, Lasówka - Bystrzyca.
It is also worth visiting the peat bog near Zieleniec by bike.

In the Śnieżnik Mountains, the crucial place is the Puchaczówka Pass. Depending on our strength and intentions, we can make shorter trips in the Snieżnik Mountains, or take the routes in the Bialskie Mountains, and even the Golden Mountains. Above Puchaczówka, it is possible to cycle along Krowiarki. We recommend this route to everyone, and in particular to beginners, because of the views and minimal hiker traffic.
The numerous asphalt surfaces interlaced with gravel surfaces will please Sunday cyclists in the Bialskie Mountains. The narrow asphalt roads, with minimal car traffic, make comfortable bicycle routes.
We recommend a short trip from Lądek to the Rozdroże Zamkowe [Castle Crossroads] and the Karpień Castle ruins. We also encourage you to take a trip to the Czech side through the Lutynia - Travná tourist passage and a return trip along the picturesque road from Złoty Stok to Lądek through the Jaworowa Pass.

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