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The Kłodzko Land – Hiking - Nordic Walking

Do you like to walk a lot and want your everyday walks to become more effective, pleasant and better for your body? Try Nordic Walking. This sport originating in Finland has already captured the hearts of healthy lifestyle fans all over the world. It is also practiced in the Kłodzko Land.

Nordic Walking is simply walking with poles. The value of a solid pole during a walk was appreciated already by ancient pilgrims, but the people responsible for the birth of Nordic Walking were skiers training during the summer. In order to keep in shape, and in particular, to have strong arms, they used poles during long distance marching. In the late 1980s Nordic Walking captured the hearts of people in the Scandinavian countries. Several years later it came to Poland.

Due to the use of special poles of an appropriate length during the walk, the position of our body is ideally straight and slightly bent forward. Applying force to the poles with each stride we increase the strength in the core muscles and arms, and enable the relaxation of the shoulder muscles. Due to leaning on the poles, the centre of gravity is optimised, and the legs and spine are not exposed to excessive loads. Nordic Walking is a rehabilitation element in the lower limbs illnesses (in particular, the knee joints) and the spine illnesses. Due to better ventilation of the body, Nordic Walking has a favourable influence on the respiratory and circulatory systems. It is worth adding that in comparison with normal walking, during Nordic Walking the calorie burning increases from 280 to 400 calories per hour.

The light and durable Nordic Walking poles are equipped with a strap at the handle. In order to walk on soft ground and snow, poles with a narrow end are used. To walk on asphalt and hard surfaces, so called "rubber tips" should be used as they cushion the hitting of the pole against the ground. The best method of adjusting the length of the poles is to bend the arm close to the body at 90 degrees. The height at which the arm then is will be the appropriate length of the pole. It is also possible to use the pole length index, which is equal to 72% of one's height. The poles cost from 100 to 400 PLN.

Nordic Walking is an easy sport. One should only remember about the alternate movement of one's legs and the poles, i.e. when putting the right pole forward, we simultaneously step forward with our left leg. The pole should be placed at about 60 degrees so that it is parallel to the leg behind.

It is best to start this sport with a Nordic Walking instructor. In the Kłodzko Land there are more and more specialists in this discipline, and some boarding houses offer Nordic Walking lessons. The first lesson should not be longer than 30-40 minutes, and then the distance and time of the walk will depend on our individual possibilities. Marked Nordic Walking trails with instruction boards can be found in the Złoty Stok – starting at the "Skalisko" Forest Adventure Park.
We wish you nice walks in the Kłodzko Land - with the poles, of course.

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28 maja 2022
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