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The Kłodzko Land – for bikers - marathons

The Kłodzko land is ideal for cycling marathons. Hundreds of kilometres of roads and bicycle routes give the opportunity to organize long distance races and races consisting of several stages, both in road cycling and mountain cycling. The picturesque and technically difficult routes on the Polish and Czech side of the border attract cyclists from all over Europe.

The excellent cycling conditions in the Kłodzko Land have been valued highly by the representatives of Polish mountain cycling. Training in Zieleniec has brought the expected results. Maja Włoszczowska, who trained here before the Olympic Games, won a silver medal in Beijing, and Aleksandra Dawidowicz after training in Zieleniec was the best in the up-to-23 age group in the Mountain Bike & Trials World Championship in Australia (2009). The sight impaired cyclists team who also liked the training sessions in Zieleniec won two medals in the Para Olympic Games in China - the team Andrzej Zając and Dariusz Flak won a gold medal, and Krzysztof Kosikowski and Artur Korc - a bronze medal.

The configuration of the land and the bicycle routes in the Kłodzko Land as well as on the Czech side of the border are ideal places not only for training sessions, but also for long distance national and international cycling competitions. Some of them have already become a permanent feature in the sports events calendar of this region. One should mention the following events here: the Suzuki Powerade MTB Marathon, Kelly´s Rampušák (Vládce Orlických Hor, the Czech Republic), the Glacensis MTB Challenge, the Kłodzki Classic, the Lower Silesian Open Championship in the Artur Filipiak MTB Marathon, the Eska Bike Marathon Cup. In this year's calendar, there are a few new events, such as the Radkowski Classic, RoadPro 2010, and Sudety MTB Challenge. Short distance mountain cycling races also become very popular. The most interesting event of this type is the UpHill Cup competition taking place in the most thrilling uphill roads of the Kłodzko Land.

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28 maja 2022
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